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How to Prepare for an IRS Audit


Filing taxes can be a daunting process, but for some it’s much more than that – tax audits. This stressful situation involves having the IRS put your tax return under a microscope to see if you reported all your income and to see if you overstated your deductions and expenses. The IRS’s main goal in […]

IRS Offers Several Ways To Pay Off Delinquent Tax Debt


It’s no secret that millions of taxpayers struggle to pay their taxes. The IRS is unyielding when it comes to collecting money they think is theirs, so if you’re facing back taxes owed the federal government highly advises seeking assistance as soon as possible before they resort to aggressive measures like taking money out of […]

What is a Federal Tax Lien Notice & What Should You Do If You Receive One?


Ignoring your obligation to pay taxes can lead the federal government to conduct severe legal action against all of your existing assets, current and future income and assets you acquire in the future; this form of punishment is called a federal tax lien. If you’ve received a certified letter indicating that the federal government has […]

How to Avoid an Expensive Tax Bill… & What to Do If You Receive One


Tax season can be a time of great anticipation for millions of Americans with dreams of a nice, big, refund check coming soon. Yet this year, many Americans may find themselves surprised and coming up short on their refunds. Many taxpayers have been shocked to find that this year, instead of a big tax refund […]