How to Prepare for an IRS Audit

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Filing taxes can be a daunting process, but for some it’s much more than that – tax audits. This stressful situation involves having the IRS put your tax return under a microscope to see if you reported all your income and to see if you overstated your deductions and expenses. The IRS’s main goal in an audit is to assess more tax, penalties and interest. It’s an intimidating experience that most Americans dread facing!

An IRS audit can cause even the most squeaky-clean of taxpayers to become fearful and anxious when faced with defending yourself to an auditor. It’s understandable why the majority feel powerless in this situation. You also have to understand, and get comfortable with, in the eyes of an IRS auditor, you are guilty until proven innocent. Navigating the tax code on your own is not a good place to be.

Tax audits don’t have to be a source of fear as long as you’ve remained compliant with all the rules and regulations. The best way to ensure peace of mind is to work with an experienced Tax Resolution Specialist who represents clients in such matters and has a good track record. Contact our firm for a complimentary no obligation consultation to assess your situation.

An IRS audit can be a very time consuming and intrusive exercise that can include a visit from the auditor. Audits can also be conducted remotely. This method, known as a desk audit, involves sending documents through fax or mail to evaluate accuracy and compliance with established law.

Filing taxes is a complex process and the IRS seeks to ensure accuracy by auditing income tax returns. These examinations may be focused on certain deductions, particularly if taxpayers have claimed for more than what their reported incomes suggest – but this does not necessarily indicate any wrong-doing or misconduct. The IRS can also select your return to be audited for no reason at all. These are referred to as “random” audits to ensure compliance with the tax laws.

Taxes are a fundamental pillar of our society and the government strives to ensure that everyone is compliant. To this end, random audits from both Federal and State authorities may be conducted in order to verify taxpayers’ income as well as expenses incurred throughout the year; making sure all taxation payments due remain accurate.

Preparing for a tax audit should be an ongoing process. To avoid any problems, ensure that all deductions taken are backed up with proof and every receipt is kept on file along with the return – you never know what may arise in the future! It’s important to remember: only declare items which can easily be defended – your documents are a crucial piece to your defense. Ensure each tax record remains safely stored away for at least seven years as per IRS regulations.

Protect your finances and future by taking the time to review your tax returns before signing off, even if you have a professional do them. A thorough examination of the documents will not only help ensure accuracy in filing but also offers an invaluable opportunity for you to gain knowledge on taxes – safeguarding against potential penalties or interest charges related to inaccuracies down the line.

Tax audits can be intimidating, but with a little foresight and the right representation it doesn’t have to cause stress. Staying organized throughout the year is key for having peace of mind when tax season rolls around. Finding an experienced professional who understands your individual needs will help make dealing with the audit as painless as possible.

Take the worry out of representing yourself in front of the IRS, which is like going to court without a lawyer. Let our expert team lift this from your shoulders and navigate the IRS on your behalf. Schedule a no-obligation consultation to explore your options and get on track towards permanently resolving any worries you have over having to meet with and defend yourself in an IRS or State income tax audit.

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