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Chad M Hayward

The Law Offices of Chad M. Hayward, P.C. were founded on the principles of providing exceptional legal services to individuals in need of sound advice and superior legal advocacy.  Personal service is one of the fundamental goals of our firm.  We do not want clients to ever feel that their questions and concerns are being ignored.  When we take on the obligation of representing a person’s rights and interests, we sit down and analyze every facet of the case.  Based on these facts and the goals and needs of the individual, we will develop a unique legal strategy.  We do not believe in offering one-size fits all representation. 


We have a diverse practice,but do focus in several areas in order to provide the 
highest caliber of legal representation.
Our areas of practice include:






Personal Injury Cases



Real Estate Transactions









Foreclosure Defense

We are attorneys who will go as far as w need to protect your rights!


Personal Injury

When there has been an accident that has led to severe harm, it is critical to look at the following:

• How the accident occurred – studying the facts of the event is critical to developing a strong personal injury case. It is important to independently analyze the details rather than simply relying on reports by third-parties, even law enforcement;

• The extent of the injuries – this requires careful documentation of the person’s injuries from any initial emergency treatment to ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. Having medical personnel who can provide testimony about the extent of the harm is extremely important;

• An analysis of any applicable insurance policies and other sources of recovery – it is necessary to have a source of funds for any settlement or award;

• The timing of the accident and the necessity of filing a court case within the applicable statute of limitations – this is critical because a person has a very limited time to commence a legal action;

• Whether an accident reconstruction will help clarify facts and demonstrate liability – there are times when a visual rendition of what happened during the accident can help establish liability; and

• The benefits of negotiating a fair settlement versus pursuing a legal case.


What Our Customers Have to Say

"I have absolutely no words to thank you for all the attention, support and kindness shown to my dad. I am absolutely sure that every person who may need your legal services will be in excellent hands. I can say that because my father just can't stop praising your law firm. I would definitely recommend this office to whoever needs a sincere and reliable attorney."

Ray Dudley

"I am so impressed by your legal expertise and the way you conducted yourself throughout my legal proceedings. There is nothing better than having someone on your side with this degree of experience. I am very fortunate to have been referred by one of my friends. Thank you for everything. You did a spectacular job."

Eddie Foster 

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In order to provide convenience for clients throughout Chicago and Northern Illinois, we have offices in the following locations: 

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We have office locations throughout the Chicago Area:

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All calls are routed through our Downtown office for your convenience.

Phone: 312-967-3159

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