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A person may be injured in many different ways. One of the most common ways in which a person is harmed is through a car accident caused by the negligence of another person. However, there are many other types of events where the actions of a third-party lead to devastating injuries. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Chad M. Hayward, P.C. provide experienced, aggressive litigation services to injured clients. Our attorneys have significant experience representing injured parties who have been hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another party. We focus on the following areas of personal injury law:

  • Wrongful death – One of the worst things that a family can experience is the loss of a loved one as the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person or company. In order to recover damages for this devastating loss, it is necessary to have the right person bring the legal action. It is critical to present ample evidence of the financial and emotional devastation caused by the loss of the victim;

  • Transportation liability – Motor vehicle accidents are among the most common of personal injury cases. People are severely injured or killed on Illinois roads every day. Although some of these accidents are caused by manufacturer’s defects or mechanical failure, the vast majority of vehicle accidents are caused by operator error. It is crucial to develop a strong case in order to recover the compensation that a victim needs to move forward with his life;

  • Premises liability – When a person is an invitee in a private or public property, there is an expectation that the premises will be maintained in a safe manner. If there has been a breach in the duty to provide a safe place, it is possible to hold the property owner or manager liable for the resulting harm. In order to succeed in this type of action, it is necessary to demonstrate that the property owner knew or should have known about the defect or safety hazard;

  • Nursing home abuse – This is one of the most pernicious types of abuse, where a loved one has been entrusted to a residential or care facility and there is a breach of duty and devastating harm. When a nursing home has hired the wrong people, failed to maintain the premises, or provided negligent care, it is necessary to hold the responsible parties accountable for the harm that they caused;

  • Product liability – There may be dangerous defects caused by the design or manufacture of products that reach the consumer and lead to serious harm. Product liability cases include medical devices and medications, as well as defective car parts, among many other types of dangerous items that are placed into the marketplace. These cases require experienced attorneys and careful preparation in order to get the results that victims need to move forward after the harm suffered;

  • Toxic tort – A person suffers from this type of injury when he is exposed to a toxic substance and suffers harm as a result. Usually, a toxic tort case is brought against a company that knowingly causes employees or the public to come in contact with the toxic substance;

  • Construction liability – Workplace accidents happen everywhere from the sales floor of a retail company to the offices of a small company. However, construction sites are one of the most common locations for a work-related injury. These injuries may result from unsafe work conditions or defective equipment. These cases require careful analysis because of the complications of workers’ compensation laws. However, it may be possible to bring a legal action depending on the nature of the negligence and whether third-parties were partially or wholly responsible for the harm; and

  • Medical malpractice – In order to maintain a medical malpractice case, it is necessary to demonstrate that the medical provider failed to meet the standard of care that other medical providers would have exercised under the same circumstances.

In order to succeed in a personal injury case, it is necessary to demonstrate that the other party owed a duty of care to the person injured in the accident. There must be evidence that shows that the party breached that duty, which was the direct and proximate cause of the injuries suffered by the victim. Finally, there must be actual harm that was suffered. The skilled attorneys at the Law Offices of Chad M. Hayward, P.C. understand how to build an effective case in order to get the results that our clients deserve.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall injury at work, or nursing home abuse, we can help. We are paid only when we recover compensation for you. In order to schedule a free consultation at any one of our local community offices, call us at (312) 867-3640.

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