Bankruptcy and Reinstatement of Driver's Licenses


The state of Illinois can suspend a person’s driver’s license for any number of reasons. Suspensions are often the result of unpaid tickets or fines, unpaid child support, or judgments as a result of being involved in an accident without having proper insurance. Unfortunately, a suspended driver’s license can inhibit one’s ability to go to work and earn a living, creating financial hardships that could eventually lead to bankruptcy.

Over the years, we have assisted clients who have found themselves in this very position. Clients overwhelmed by debt they cannot manage, yet they struggle to pay what they owe because their work ability is severely hampered by not having a valid driver’s license. Bankruptcy m...

3 Reasons Tollway Violations Should Not Be Ignored


The State of Illinois has gone to great lengths to make sure consumers have as easy time as possible making appropriate payments for using toll roads. Those who fail to make payments as required are subject to receipt of a Notice of Toll Violation and certain penalties and fines. Believe us when we say drivers should not ignore tollway violations. Doing so could end up creating serious negative consequences.

Under the current law, drivers receive Notices of Toll Violation after accumulating three or more violations within a two-year period. That two-year window is a rolling window, meaning a minimum of three violations within any 24-month period qualifies for receipt of a notice. Penalties are assessed as follows:

  • First Notice – The violator faces a $20 fine per violation and must pay all original toll charges at their cash value. The violator has 30 days to make payment or request a hearing to dispute the violations.
  • Second Notice – The violator faces an additional $50 fine per violation if the fines and original toll charges included in the first notice are not paid within 30 days. Receiving a second notice automatically disqualifies a driver from requesting a hearing.
  • Third Notice – Receipt of a third notice subjects the violator to additional $50 fine per violation and warnings of further fines and penalties. Continuing to ignore a third Notice can result in suspension of both driver’s license and registration, referral to a collection agency, and a negative report being sent to credit bureaus.

In light of the pe...

I Have a Large Medical Bill but Good Credit, Should I File Bankruptcy?

Whether you should file bankruptcy over one large medical bill that you are having trouble paying depends on several factors, including whether you can handle the debt outside of bankruptcy, or not.

If you have good credit, the bankruptcy will definitely cause it to dip. However, if you can’t pay the hospital or medical bill, you’ll start to get late-payment notices and the medical provider may even sue you and get a judgment — neither of which is good for your credit. And you may eventually face wage garnishment or other collection actions.

If you cannot settle the debt and it looks as if the creditor may pursue you for payment, then your good credit is going to take a hit anyway because a collection action will show up on your credit report. And if the provider sues you and gets a judgment, it can garnish your wages or take other collection action.

What Is Going to Happen if I Owe Back Property Taxes?

Local governments charge property taxes against real estate that’s owned in their jurisdictions. The government uses property taxes to pay for services in your neighborhood, such as schools and emergency personnel. If you don’t pay your property taxes on time, the tax collector can use various collection tools to get the money owed, and you potentially could lose your property.

How to Rebuild Your Credit after Bankruptcy- Fast!

It’s about as popular as a root canal or a blown tire on the freeway. Yet like both of those dreaded occurrences, filing for bankruptcy is commonplace in modern America. In 2013 1,107,699 individuals and businesses in the U.S. had to file for bankruptcy according to government data. While it’s pretty safe to say that not many of the folks who filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy were eager to do it, it’s worth remembering that bankruptcy is by no means a financial death sentence. After all, bankruptcy protection is designed to provide people and companies with a way to discharge at least some of their debts and start over. And one of the very first steps to reboot your financial life involves rebuilding your cre...

How to Beat a DUI Charge in Illinois

How to Beat a DUI Charge in Illinois

Being charged with a Illinois DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is an unfortunate but relatively common occurrence. There isn’t much of a worse feeling than seeing red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror on the way home from a bar or party, but there are ways and steps you can take to beat Illinois DUI arrest cases and prove your innocence. A DUI can result in the loss of your license, driving restrictions, large fines, and even jail time. So it’s important to know how to beat Illinois DUI charges and keep your record clean. There are several steps you can take to get the charges dropped and beat a DUI.

Automobile repossessed for driving with a suspended or revoked license?

The following information guide you through dealing with a car lost through repossession.

It is critical that you understand if your vehicle is repossessed the car will be sold at a dealer price at auction and you will be responsible for the difference you owed on the car plus repossession expenses minus the very low sales price.

People are hit with very large amounts due from the repossession deficiency. For many the amount due is so large that bankruptcy is often the most logical way to deal with the massive debt.

Suspended license…

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